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Saturday, May 08, 2010



heh~ i was waiting for your post XD
jun let his hand travel around aiba's hips and stomach 'awfully' long~

also: aiba's underpants matched his scarf XDD


wow...i don't even bother to watch syiyagare and when i found out about sakumoto in early of the episode made me lost interest...
but the aiba/jun here was awesome!~~
really i think nino was worried about us fangirls will be hysteric if aiba pants fall off XD so he kept checked it out..*just in case*XD


I just LOVE that Jun's all giggly and was all like omg what do I do? Aiba is all over me and we are on national tv!!! :DD

Haha. It does matched! Leave it to Aiba to match his accessories or somebody did it for him. ^___~


I was thinking the other way. Like Nino was thinking how he could pull it down safely on national tv like he did in concerts. :p


Finally saw this ep and couldn't stop laughing! The boy love to be baka and try new things too. haha Definitely kept my eye out for Sakumoto references but there was MatsuAiba instead. *giggles* Works for me!

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